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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck
Great post, but a word of caution: On LC-4 engines with the Kokusan 4K-2 ignition it is recomended to use a flywheel holding device rather than the crank locking screw to tighten the flywheel nut. The 120 LBS torque required could damage the crank web. It's ok to use on the LC4s that only require 44lbs torque on the flywheels.
I just ordered a 19993 seal from Rocket Seals and I am searching for a place to buy the fly wheel puller. Any suggestions?

How do I tell if I have the Kokusan or SEM ignotion? Seams like I could do some damage if I have the Kokusan. Mine is a 1997 lc4 egs-e.

Finally is it a good idea to get a replacemt gasket/o-ring (which is it?) for the fly wheel cover?

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