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Originally Posted by johnnydanger
Looking at the other recommendations and have a question. Isn't the "99-06 MSR YZ250 shift lever (PN 34-2148)" a stronger aluminum replacement, NOT a bendable stell one? Let me know, thanks.
I have the 34-2148 mounted on my X. At first look, it appears thicker and much stronger then the steel version, and I was reluctant to install it..but after my stocker finally broke off, I did go ahead and install it...

Soon after, I slid out in a grassy field and bent the aluminum shifter quite badly...but I took out a wrench, and bent it right back...I think it bends where it needs to...

So I don't know what the exact answer is, however it's not as strong as it looks, and they are quite pliable....

For extra safety, i installed a "Brake Snake"...When I fell and bent the MSR, the fall caused the brake snake to break off!! (This pic is with the stock shifter, I can take another of the MSR aluminum one if required.)
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