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I'm not sure they have released the new "650GS" yet - however they had one at the XPLOR Blue Ridge Event:

The seat seemed much lower then my Dakar, and F650GS's that I've ridden. That said, the spec's say its a 32" seat height.

Powerwise? There will be no comparison.

Old: 50hp @ 423lbs
New: 71hp @ 439lbs

The de-tuned twin rotax will have considerably more grunt, and then 20 more horses to pull the same weight, with an improved street suspension.

Take a test ride and let us know what ya think.

Originally Posted by R.J.
Sorry if this is already answered (I searched and couldn't find it).

I have an '05 650GS, but find it a little sluggish on the highway. I'd like the new 800, but seat height is a huge obstacle (28" inseam). Has anyone traded from the old BMW 650 thumper to the new 650? Did you notice a big difference in power? Please comment on any positives / negatives of the newer model as compared to the old. Thanks!
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