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It Raineth in Maine...

Got up early from some 65 miles east of Boston. No coffee...AH, no worries....

Rolled thru Mass/ lost because I set my GPS to shorter distance which led me through every Irish town that's there in Mass.
Rerouted myself into "faster distance", eh, hit Toll gates. Those who use Tolls on bikes know the routine.
1) get to the gate and make sure you're not in this puddle of oil trippings from cars..
2) stop bike and get into neutral(hope there's no hill)
3) open helmet so that he can read my lips (remember G.W. Bush) to say "Hi, good morning..nice day ain't it"
4) remove gloves
5) fumble in your pants pocket for $$$$ (don't drop it, Jesus!!)
6) thank him profussely for his patience

Now this takes about a min or more; and you can see cagers in the rear fume at this badass biker.

At one toll booth...I told the guy that it will take some time and I cannot hear and am deaf as I didn't understand what he said in regard to the cost of the toll. He replied, "I know." ..???? Guess he assumed I couldn't hear him as I was wearing my helmet which muffles ones ears? Then he gestured that he was a biker too and it would cost me 0.50 cents to pass, while that gate displayed $1.35. Wish we had more guys like him...

Stopped somewhere for another cuppa Java to wash down the previous one that got stuck in my esophagus

Had a nice cup and some cholesterol special morning sandwich there. Outside sits Brunhilde drooling like a dog at my morning chow. "Eh, Brunhilde, you're getting your shoes today and this'll cost me an arm and a leg...while this sandwich and coffe is only $4.78"

Die Motoraeder aller Strassen..

Like any human Doctors appointment; Brunhilde waits impatiently(yellow rear splash guard)

While Brunhilde is being fitted with new shoes. I browsed the store and oogled at this nice lady, he,he....ROSE

Gloria Steinem said it best.....

Hey, let's talk about tires.....Before and after...

Rear tire..........ready to climb mountains

The service manager(Tom Flansburg) who communicated with me via Blackberry. These guys at Max are super friendly and very accommodating. I highly recommend them. The other gent was from Brunswich, Canada and gave me countless tips riding Canada.

Freeport>>>>very touristy and crowded. Called it a day here....ugh!

Tourists Galore!

The MacDonaldization of Freeport.....

1700 th Century MacDonalds...?

My Tent for the NIGHT..

AMEN...................Church converted to Book Store

Until the Next Adventure.......


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