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Good Morning....

1) Yesterday I was a bit tired to caption some of the pictures if not all. Maybe I'll post some less pics so that I can write some thoughts and the places where the pic's were taken?

Some of you are asking me what the challenges have been as a deaf rider. None so far..I just ride and ignore the world. I did have a small incident yesterday that I can understand very well. Remember that off-side truck advertising selling seafoods....fishmonger..on the side road somewhere in northern Maine. What happened was that I forgot to take some pictures of live lobsters back there and saw this unusual truck. Pulled over and took a picture of the truck and its signs, then proceeded to the drivers window asking whether he could show me a live lobster for picture taking? He oppened the window and gave me a barrage of profanity that was easy to lip read. His veins were about to explode...dunno why...I profusely apologized for the dice, he kept ranting on about making a living...costs..., etc. Got only about 50% of his rants. Told me that I'll have to buy a lobster first and take a pic from there. Don't want a live lobster stuffed in my tank bag. I did not feel threatened but thought of economic times in Maine...lobster prices are down...gas is up...economy in Maine is down..these people make a hard living. Completely understand, no big deal.
So decided to stop for lunch and order a dead lobster for picture taking..a very expensive way to take a picture, eh. Caution, treat this picture with care it costs $21 a snap!

2) It's been said that when a biker is pulled over by a State trooper, one is to keep his hands on the handlebars. Do not fumble getting your helmet off or fumble in your tankbag or whatever for your license and registraton. It's a security issue for them. Officers more likely will talk to you from behind. Me being deaf makes it kind of scary..if I don't respond or do what he says from behind....what comes??????
They all need to be educated that there are deaf riders as well. So far so good...trying to ride within the limits or 5 mph over posted speed limit. Ride well and don't give them a reason to pull you over.

3) I always quickly tell anyone...customs officer..front desk clerk..waitress..gas attendants that I am deaf as soon as I see their lips move. I have gotten 95% positive responses with about a small %, "never mind".

So far so's raining dogs and cats here at the US/Canada border...maybe I'll don my heavy duty BMW Lab rain outfit or the Walmart kind, hmmm...


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