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Good Bye America, hello Canada.....

Left Calais, Me. in the torrents of rain...due to poor visibility and fogged visor I overshot the Canada customs line. Saw red flashing lights and some kind of a booommm...maybe a horn to alert one that you crossed the line. Traipsed slowly backwards to the window and apologized to the customs agent. The young Gent was very understanding and seem to know that bikers have a handful to recon with. Told him that I was problem, mouthed a few questions: where to?; guns?; booze?; buying property up there?; how long you staying?; asked what my bikes license number was..couldn't remember so had to roll forward for him to see and document. Then showed him my passport...passed with flying colors and on I went into Canada in the rain. It rained, rained, and rained forever from Calais, Me to Moncton, NB. The rain gods unleashed what is to become part of my trip. Tucked away my camera(wish I had a underwater camera) for fear of ruin. Even in the rain, the landscapes are gorgeous...spectacular...undescribable. It was blowing gale force from the Fundy area, about 50km/h. Had to ride sideways most of the way. Couldn't take pictures of St. Johns..too wet. Finally stopped for some Java to warm up. Oh, by the way forgot to tell you that I had to don the real rainsuit by BMW and none of that Walmart stuff, the rains were too heavy and cold. Was about to wear one of the best rain proof and warm gloves by BMW, but to my horror I realized that I carried one of my Frau's other smaller sized glove. Gggrrr....

Cheap gasoline here???? Nada, its $1.36 X 4=......

Rest stop for some Java. These riders came from Moncton and told me, "You ridin' up there, expect a rainstorm...yeah".

Woooooo double power..need it to beat the rain gods..

Ugh...where's the Baquettes, Brioches, Croissants; this is bilingual Canada. Gimme some French pastry please....

Palourdes...le Clams on the go, just pop into your mouth?

Testament of the strong winds that I had here which spilled my Double Blaster Java....ggrrr

Found Le Starbucks in a Monctons Barnes & Noble like book store. The store was packed with customers due to the rains. I looked like an idiot walking among fine books in my trenching rain gear looking for a replacement of my lost double Blaster. Got it and lo and behold, St. Bucks cups also have French translation or vice versa " The way I see it". Sorry no ROSE this time!

This lovely lady at Sackville Tourist info desk helped me call around for a BB in the Moncton area as my Frau is making a landing here,....woooooooooooooooooo.....come Tuesday

First Covered Bridge in the Sacksville Marsh area..............

Prominent United Church of Canada...Sacksville, NB

This concludes my report for the day.....tomorrow it shall rain once more, then another day of rain when my Frau arrives..Thursday Le Sol might take a peek onto New Brunswick

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