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Saturday Morning Ride

Our fearless trail leader was Danny G., it seems he's the only one who knows the area very well.

Not too long after we left the camp, our first run is that big hill on the right and BullsEye is ready to take the hill climb.

Shitz, all the noobs at this point are spooked including me.

The first rider was Steve and he did it w/ ease on a 600R .

Next was our trail leader on his CF450X, and ooooops

The unidentified ADV rider summoned Steve to move on, but meantime, StuCazzo and I hiked up, Stu to help and me to take a close up picture The hike was so steep that Stu and I have to grab on to the chain link fence on the right to prevent from sliding down the hill.

The rider was hurt and could get back on his bike, shoulder badly bruised which no one knows until we went back to camp for lunch a couple of hours later.

With a little help, and a lot of huffing and puffing, the bike is upright again

After the big hill, we move on into tougher and scarier trails

Hmmm....I think they are talking of taking us noobs to some black diamond single track trails.

These 3 unsuspecting riders didn't know what's up ahead, including myself; sitting behind is notmybikemodelname and making sure they don't go anywhere

Even an intermediate rider StuCazzo soon will also be a victim

Billy and Taylor, they make good babysitters

The trailhead

We're all ADV riders, so we skipped all the easy trails

Danny G coming out of the trail

Followed by StuCazzo

The place was so big, and easy to get lost. Steve was searching all over the place and found us

We regrouped

StuCazzo and BullsEye

Enough chitchat, the ringleaders decided to move forward with the plan

Going along as planned

Sopascat so far so good

The trail ahead is so easy and the group chose to do the single track on the right

Few of the happy moments that morning

This what awaits us and only about 36" wide of loose rocks and ruts. It's a goat trail without goats!

More, and this one is a few inches wider

I don't know what to say, but I felt my bike was shaking more than it should (the motor was'nt even on).

At this point, we're almost at 5500 ft, camp was at 3800 ft. The nice scenery could not distract the aprehension building up in me

Enough of picture taking bull shit, need to concentrate on my riding or instant death.

After the ride, lunch on a picnic table was the most welcome event that morning.

More pics tomorrow. Thanks for putting up with my amateur reporting.

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