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Originally Posted by SafariBerg
Paul, thats easy the Motul 300V is a full double ester oil that has zero % shear loss, ie no loss of lubrication at full operating temps & speed over time. The Bellray is a single ester oil ie older generation technology. The Motul was specially developed for 4 stroke bikes for Rallye racing ie high stress - high temps, and the car version was developed for NASCAR's.

I was put onto it by 2 Dutch and Swedish Husaberg rallye & supermoto race teams that have used it for 4 years with NO blown motors. I have used it now and would not use anything else. My '07 rallye race bike has done ~7,000 km and we are currently getting it ready for another 4,500 km in this years Safari rallye, pulled it down to check and it was like brand new inside.

Get a litre and have a look at it, its not like any other oil you will see. Yes an extra $15 is very cheap insurance per litre IMO.

Thanks SafariBerg, thats exactly what i wanted to know, i grabbed myself some this morning (oil, that is!!).

Thanks again

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