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Originally Posted by Koach
Great ride report and pics.

Do you remember the exact date you were in Dawson? Which campground did you guys use? On the 18th of June there were more bikes than RV's in town.

What tire pressures were you guys running on the Dempster? The Beamers flats = punctures or pinches?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Koach. We stayed at the downtown Hotel on Friday June 13th, and then went to Chicken the next day. There were not a lot of bikes around when we were there, but I saw a lot on the highway heading south the next week. I guess there was a Goldwing rally in Whitehorse, because I saw Goldwings riding in packs non-stop.
I pressured down my tires to 22 or 24 psi on the back and about 18 in the front. I know the GS was pressured down a little as well, but I am not sure how much. I know the first flat was a puncture for sure, and we suspect the second one was a pinched tube, but you never know with that shale. He changed the tire from the Gripster to a Metzler Enduro 3 (which was bald by the time it got back home), just to make sure there were no more surprises stuck in the tire (you could not see the shale that shredded the tube, we found it by poking a screwdriver in a cut in the tire)
I think speed was one of our downfalls, as we were cruising pretty fast on the way out when we got the first flat (which is asking for trouble on that road).

What is the recommended pressure for running on these kind of roads? I was just making a guess, and with the load I was carrying, I did not want to go too low.

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