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Dirtroad riding on the Isle of Crete, GR

Have been on a what supposed to be sissy motorcycle trip around the western part of Crete lately. Mainly set’ up to hang out for a week with a bunch friends, cruising some bars and restaurants for local food and brewery and do some bikerides between the eating and drinking parts once in a while.
Soon enough (actually right after the very first day of riding) everything changed and the whole thing finally turned out to be one real bad-ass hardcore offroad motorcycle trip which for sure for long time will be the very best that I’ve experienced in all my motorcycle-life so far.

Not much to tell about, but lots of pics to show. Anyway not too many pics about riding, as obviously I kept myself very much busy with staying on the bike wile riding instead of taking fancy photography.

The south-western part of the Isle of Crete is rough and has a very low tourist pollution, as there are simply too less beaches for the average tourists-taste. Little villages which have absolutely nothing from any interest to offer beside the local pub which often enough is one of the inhabitant’s leaving room or backyard.

This is Willy. Founder, owner, guide, secretary and also mechanic of The guy knows each and every corner in that part of the island! You thought riding in a cue behind an old fart and over one treeless Island is a boring thing?? Go check out a trip with Willy! You will change your mind!

Greek salad! Only the oil they use I could drink from the bottle…..! Yumm…!

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