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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck
On LC-4 engines with the Kokusan 4K-2 ignition it is recomended to use a flywheel holding device rather than the crank locking screw to tighten the flywheel nut. The 120 LBS torque required could damage the crank web. It's ok to use on the LC4s that only require 44lbs torque on the flywheels.
Alright, I attempted this job and got stumped: couldn't undo the flywheel nut.

My bike is an '05 EU/AU model. The book says 150Nm for the flywheel nut = 110 lb.ft. The crankshaft locking screw is listed with a torque value, but it only has a normal thickness washer. I tried using another 5mm longer M8 bolt, but it didn't engage with anything even when fully screwed in. The crank would still turn freely.

How do I know which variant of Kokusan ignition is fitted? The specs in my books don't say.

So, how the heck do I stop the crank from rotating? I tried putting the bike in gear and standing on the rear brake pedal, but it would slip with a fair pressure applied... I suspect that's the clutch slipping? Do I need a clutch holding tool? What's this flywheel holding you speak of, gb?

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