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The adventures of a boy and his Nighthawk.

Well guys, I'm heading out again. This report will be slightly different than my other ones. How so might you ask? Well this RR starts off with a barely functional motorcycle, no luggage, and enough money to maybe buy a box of Goldfish and some string cheese. In addition, I haven't left yet, so this first part of it is me actually putting the whole thing together. Maybe you guys can get a glimpse of my rigorous planning in which no stone is left unturned and no girl is left unkissed.

So the basic plan is this:

First stop is Wisconsin, which is home to my buddy Crissi Lyn. Some of you guys might know her as a heroine in one of my previous ride reports in which she saved me from the grasp of despair and perhaps even sodomy.

Here she is on the left:

I've been best buddies with her since I was 16. She was an All-American diver and has bailed me out of trouble one too many times. The best kind of friend, great laugh, very level headed and I'm going to be honest with you, she has a sweet pair of knockers too.

The second stop is somewhere in Arizona, I suppose around Flagstaff. My buddy Kelsey is there, and to some she needs very little introduction, but to many others she might be new. If you need some background info on her, then these two might help:

Here she is:

Now...... Here is the biggest problem I have. My ride. You see, The decision would normally be easy on which bike to take. The venerable Nighthawk! But within the last couple weeks, the clutch has started to go out. I suppose 30,000 miles of burnouts, hot doggin', racing starts and saving babies that fall out tall buildings has been bad for the clutch.

Here is the offending contraption:

Now I have two options. I could buy a new clutch, OR I could "simply" install the extra engine I have which has a good clutch. What do you guys think?

This is where the ride report begins, you guys decide, and I'll do it. You guys are the puppet masters for this one. I'm merely at your beck and call.

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