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Ok guys, I have sat down and pondered your demands, suggestions and wisdom. As per my initial post, I truly leave the decisions to you guys who are no doubt more clever, and vastly more experienced at traveling than I. I hate to put myself down that much without giving myself a compliment, so I will say that I am probably prettier.

That being said, here is the problem:

Honda, in all their omnipotent wisdom saw it fit to install this clutch locknut, instead of making it easy like everyone else's clutch.

This locknut requires a special tool. This special tool costs $110. Lookie here what I mean:

for a more close-up view:

So as I was saying $110 ? are you kidding me? couldn't Honda have just put a regular nut on there? Why oh why did they do this to me? All the times I've stuck up for you Honda, of all the times.......

Nevertheless, I went Googling on the Yahoo, and I found that some enterprising people had used a punch and a hammer to remove the nut. Simply place the punch in one of the notches and give it a hard bang and BAM! it cries to mom and lets go.

So I decided to give it a try with a make shift punch I made from one of those flat wood drill bits.

Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Bit, you will always have a place in my heart:

I bet you guys know what happened.

Seriously, I'm sure you do.

Yeah, you were right....

It buggered up the nut and did absolutely nothing to loosen it.
"Damn!" I yelled as I shook my fist in the air.

So I went BACK on the Nethernets and found a place right by my house that had a tool for honda clutches.

Here it is! Oh boy I'm excited!

I said this out loud: "What do you mean you wont fit?!"

I sighed, and realized that this is how things go. And I just got off the phone from ordering a $110 tool, an $8 locknut, a $40 clutch..... and $10 springs. As of right now I'm not really sure I have enough money to even cover my gas for the whole trip.

This really doesn't affect things much I don't think. I'll get there one way or another I'm sure...... right?

According to promises from 4 different vendors, I should get everything by Wednesday or Thursday, so that seems to be the departing point. If everything is not here by Thursday, I will swap engines on Thursday evening and be off on Friday...........

God save the Nighthawk.
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