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KTM 950/640 comfort seats coming soon!

It seems that many of the seat builders today are not dual sport riders and therefore are not familiar with the demand for an ergonomically correct seat for the type of riding many of us have come to appreciate.
A few months back Jimmy Lewis requested if someone knew anyone that can build him a seat, a few suggestions were made and I began to realize that there wasn't really anyone who catered to the dual sport seats other than "Salle Della Valle".
I decided that maybe just for fun I would make a small batch of seats to help other members out. Coming from an upholstery background and being a big critic of seat function I realize that this area could use some help.
The seat business is tricky business because everybody has there own idea of what comfort really is, just go into a mattress store with a half dozen people and you'll have them all laying on different beds.

I sent Jimmy Lewis his seat for his 950 about a month or so ago and thus far he seems very pleased with the outcome. I'm currently working on another seat of his for his 620 that was originally modified by a company to remain annoymous.
I think I've found a real good compromise between soft and firm using a combination of materials that almost feel like memory foam when you sit on my seats. Gel is used in the process followed up by a special foam to restore the firmness that's needed.

I'm currently working on some seats for other members of this forum and I've had some request for more seats from others but I need to get my first batch out first before I can commit myself to any more.
The material used to cover the seats are the suede leather combos and I'll attach a photo for description. Suede doesn't weather well but it sure is the business when you ride on suede, mostly all the PD riders swear by it!
I'll also be working on a vinyl version that will be less expensive and revealed sometime in the very near future.

Thus far I have these folks high on the prority list and they should start seeing their seats by the end of next week at the latest.
Ricardo, Barbasma and Jean-Luc for the 950's Jimmy, Mack and myself for the 640's. I didn't forget you Flanny send me a PM if you still want it done.

I'll have different suede leather combos using orange, grey and black with different color thread to your taste. For the moment I'm only going to offer the standard height seat and a Rally version which wil be taller.
These are the only photos I have thus far but I'll get the other seat photos up once they're completed.

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