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Originally Posted by warewolf
Alright, I attempted this job and got stumped: couldn't undo the flywheel nut.

My bike is an '05 EU/AU model. The book says 150Nm for the flywheel nut = 110 lb.ft. The crankshaft locking screw is listed with a torque value, but it only has a normal thickness washer. I tried using another 5mm longer M8 bolt, but it didn't engage with anything even when fully screwed in. The crank would still turn freely.

How do I know which variant of Kokusan ignition is fitted? The specs in my books don't say.

So, how the heck do I stop the crank from rotating? I tried putting the bike in gear and standing on the rear brake pedal, but it would slip with a fair pressure applied... I suspect that's the clutch slipping? Do I need a clutch holding tool? What's this flywheel holding you speak of, gb?

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I used an impact gun and it came right off.
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