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Next morning we aren't sure what we want to do. We blast down to Whistlin Jacks for a nice breakfast and top our tanks off. Don't know where we are going but I hear never pass gas....Decide to ride up the Little Naches River and see how far we can get until we hit snow. Nice scenery, road turns to gravel and then finally we hit snow.

On the way down we run into these guys on the road we were going to head up. They were all on those TTW's? all loaded down. They were coming down and had run into snow about 10miles up. They had come down from Easton the day before on another road and were looking for a route back. Come to find out they had loaded the same route as I has from GPSXchange, PCKopp I think....thanks even though I didn't use it this trip. Anyway they were headed over to 1708, that sounded good. We thought we might go up and see what the Moon Rocks were about.

We blasted around down by the river and spied some potential camps.

Got up on top and started seeing the views. I need to play with my camera some to get the colors right. I take alot of pictures on the fly so really don't spend much time composing them. We kept going up until the road pretty much ended and turned to a wheelin road. Some Jeep came through and asked him where the Moon Rocks were. He said through there, turn right and second left will put you there. OK thanks.

Came to this hill and followed Jim up. Steeper than it looks but not a big deal...yet.

Got to the top and pulled in next to Jim on the uphill side and started yacking about something. I put my downhill foot down and realized it was a long way down. By the time I realized my mistake I was falling and Jim was in the way.

Domino effect, sorry Jim. Things are freaking heavy with all the samsonite.

Followed the ridge and dropped over the other side to Funny Rocks.

Sat and watched for awhile,

Martin on patrol.

THe Naxja forum had some cool pics if you're into that. Son Dustin took a basic route, not quite set up for the tough stuff yet but gets around good. Serious father/son project coming up!

We decided to get going, we wanted to get over to the 1701 and head down. One of the Naxja guys said take the 695 trail, go down something called Devils something....Hmm. We got here, shoud be able to get down. No big. We cruised over to Moon Rocks, watched a couple of jeeps picking their lines up. As one cleared the top, 2 guys on KTM's came blasting through and topped out making it look easy.

We got to the Moon Rocks but took the easy way up top, of course I get preoccupied with all the photo ops around me and high center on a rock, instant stop and down again. Freakin heavy, good thing I have a full tank of gas.

Looking back to Funny Rocks

These are some pics Dustin got, that canon sure takes nice pics.

We're on the ridge and heading down.

We want to get to that road, but need to start dropping down.

Farther down we get into a steep rocky chute. Very loose rock, slow going. It's hard to control your speed, the rocks are rolling as you brake. Was thinking should get a picture of this, then realized I shouldn't be thinking of other things. Tried to ride it out and down I go. Another 500 lb. deadlift and we're up again. Wow, adrenalines flowing but not enough to keep me upright, down again. Another deadlift, nobody even noticed, they were cautiously picking their way down.

Get down to the 1701, yup thats the 695 steeper than it looks.

We check the map and decide to head to Jim's folks house. Lots of nice scenery.

Nice place, all solar and wind power. Nice views.

At one time years ago we all worked for Jim's dad. A very innovative guy. He was building a peeled pole fence and built a big pencil sharpener to shape the ends of the poles to fit the posts.

Hand peeling the logs.

We get headed back down towards 410.

We stop at Whistlin Jacks again and head up to find a camp on the river.

Gordon and his big tent. I think you need to put your feet in first Gordon!

We only went about 100 miles today.........

The next morning Martin warms up with a few laps.

We head back to Jacks for breakfast, this place conveniently worked out pretty good. Top the tanks off, didn't need much. We are heading home and will head up 410 to Chinook Pass. We take a side trip to Bumping Lake.

Back on 410.

We saw hundreds of cruisers out on the pavement this weekend. None at the Moon Rocks. We sqeeze the dorksports in somehow at the pass. Quite a temp change.

Mt Rainer.

Waiting for snow removal, small avalanche on to the road.

Once we hit highway 12, we new it was going to be a lot of pavement home. 25 rd would have been a nice ride down from Randle but still closed. A few times on the trip Jim was having problems with his bike cutting out. We thought it might be the kickstand switch and tried to adjust it and even bypassed it. Vacuum line to petcock was barely on, that didn't fix it. While on 12 the problem worsened, the bike back firing. Higher rpm's and a load on the motor really made it bad. Seemed to be electrical, we stopped and started checking wires. We debated what to do and decided to limp to Mossyrock to a friend of Martins. He wasn't home and we couldn't get anyone to come up with a truck so Martin says they can leave Jim's bike and Martins gear and double up home. Jim will come back with a truck tonite.

Cute couple.......nice shag, pure dorksport.

650 miles.

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