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Originally Posted by Retro
That's right folks, Tag O Rama has come to Virginia and it starts today.

You've got to play to win, just like Powerball but way better. You will not win millions of dollars, you life will not be ruined, your friends will not abandon you, and your SO won't plot how to make it "look like an accident" so he/she can take up with the pool boy or baby sitter.

I shamelessly ripped off this game, right down to the rules from the good folks in Ohio. Luckily the guys who invented it are better riders than business men. All we've got to pay them is a cold beer once in a while. What a bargain!

If you haven't done so already, please read up on the Farnsy's Ohio Tag O Rama thread. It's just over in the Central Forum, but why not do the easy thing and click the link.

Rule #1. If you're new, watch how the game is played for awhile before jumpin' in cause I ain't explainin' everything to ya'

Rule #2 One tag at a time and county roads are acceptable (no dirt) but the tag must be findable. Include clues in your tag. Don't make the clues useless, not everyone is a Jeopardy contestant wanna be. Some Virginia folks like Freak, Gramps, PhilSpace, Sherpa, Steverino and others know just about every nook and corner of this state and do serious miles so don't expect a tag be open for long. No whining and no file photos.

There are plenty of folks here that will help you understand the rules.
*** These rules are subject to change***

See, only 2 rules

Are you ready to play?
fixed, you missed Steve he knows some nooks and corners
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