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Originally Posted by rdwalker
Hi, John:

No, it was not me - I went by Churchill Falls on the 17th. But, I was just as focused as the rider you saw - I have been asked, for example, about the moose some people spotted. Not me. Did watch gravel.

I did read your write-up here: nice job! Liked your route choice via New England ('cause I did a similar one ).

What a shame about Dusty not completing the run, isn't it? I did correspond with him recently via PM; he is already planning on making another try. Excellent!

If you don't mind, I am going to link to one of your pictures of Dusty's messed-up bike in my further notes. It somehow seems appropriate to mention him.
Glad you liked the report. Thanks.

Dusty is a great guy. It was truly a pleasure meeting such an interesting guy.

Feel free to link to any of that. I really didn't appreciate the severity of his biff until I saw the bike in the ditch like that. It's amazing he wasn't hurt much worse.

Anyway, great report! Keep it coming!

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