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Originally Posted by viatormundi
How difficult, easy is to install this cam? Does anybody have a picture illustration?
Remove the grip (I used compressed air to slide the rubber off the stock plastic handle).

Loosen and pull out the the bolt on the outside of the hand guards.

Undo the 2 bolts holding the case around the cables to the throttle.

Pull the throttle cam out of the housing and remove the two cable ends (slotted and there is enough play).

Attach chosen throttle cam (100 (stock), 200, 400 come in the kit or get the 300 separate) to the throttle handle body (has a shape that only goes on a certain way).

Put the new assembled throttle cam/handle back on the bar.

Re-attach the cables and bolt the cover back on.

Replace the rubber grip (again compressed air or use a little alcohol).

replace the bolt for the hand guards.

I took this time to also add a Kaoko throttle lock to work as a cruise control. Good time to also add heated grips, or change out the hand guards.

Really easy to do! Good luck.
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