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Thanks to Tourmeister for hosting the TWTex BBQ. I'm glad I got to meet the folks that I did.

After leaving Scott's house I continued west, aiming for Lake Corpus Christi for another TWTexan's house to spend the night. "I'll leave the bottom floor unlocked for you." :trust:

Well, soon after leaving Huntsville, its like someone told the big boss man up stairs to paint a different landscape. I went from pineywoods to scrubby, desert-ier, terrain full of cattle and my first cactuses. What I didnt notice, while enjoying the landscape was the piece of paneling in the road.... that the car in front of me kicked up.

Kicked up, meaning, I drove through a 4ft x8ft x 1/4" piece of brown wall paneling that was standing on its side.... I didnt know what the freak that was..... I thought I might need to check my shorts after that, but I just pissed myself.:-P I didnt get a picture of this event, unfortunately.... but a couple miles down the road, i tried to use my HWY pegs. turns out i picked up a hitch-hiker... a 1ft square-ish piece I kicked it off and watched it land square across the hood the the car tailgating me... they backed off.

Then, after seeing several pieces of paneling on the road, I caught up to the source.
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