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Originally Posted by cpmodem
Yup, I saw that parts list ... for the 990. That's why I was askin' PA what HIS parts list was (950).
Sorry CP, been out of town the last couple of days.

Here you are:

High Fender Parts List using EXC Fender
QtyPart NumberDescription
160013012300Front Brake Line
159008019000Brake Hose Guide Lower
160013025100Hose Guide
160013025050Rubber For Hose Guide
10015080163Screw For Hose Guide
15030801030030450 EXC Front Fender Black
40014060203High Collar Screw For EXC Fender
450208020000Spacer Bushing For EXC Fender
150308009100Fender Brace for EXC Fender
150308009050Fender Brace Screw
150308009051Fender Brace Nut
1470010940003085 SX Fork Guards Black
259001092050Special Screw For Fork Guards
154601085000Brake Hose Clamp Black
20015050163High Collar Screw For Clamp
20985050003Self Locking Nut For Clamp
742013226000Copper Seal Ring

For orange fender and fork guards, change the last 2 digits in the part numbers from 30 to 04. I also have one of the new 690 fenders sitting here, I just haven't got around to putting it on yet. I'll post pics when it's done.
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