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In the last shot above, I stopped at a gas station hoping the rain would slack....... nope. I musterd up, left the store clerk a $1 tip to have to mop up after me.... and hit the road again.

I was blessed with a big rays of sunshine after the rain stopped.

I grew closer to Mike's place on Lake Corpus Christi. But, because I didnt have detailed maps of the area in the GPS, I had to search for it like a geocache. After being unsucessful and the sun going down, I stopped in Sandia, Texas, to ask a sheriff where I needed to go. Him--"Down the road, the first pavement to your right, take a right at the quickstop." Me---"Thanks, take it easy, write the next guy a ticket!" Him---"You be careful on that thing" Me "Yes-sir, trying to get off the road before the road rats (deer) get out!"

So, just incase you were wondering. I was still looking for a geocache'd house. Geo-referencing and encoding has a problem with addresses. It takes a lot of math to try and get an address transferred into a nice healthy lat/long waypoint.... well, mine was off by about a mile. I had the address but no phone number. I think i find it so I go to knock on the door. Sure enough there is a dual sport bike tire on a trailer out front, and a KLR under the carport. Must be the right place. Hmmmm downstairs, lets go see if the door's unlocked. Yep. Hmmm more bikes!

The View

Host and Hostess. Thanks again guys! Mike and his wife let me borrow their bottom floor. I joined them at a friend's house for BBQ later that evening, giving my clothes time to dry out after the evening's time in the rain.

The next morning, I woke up to an ominous sky.... soon to be rain. Late start.

We ate breakfast, my first time to have breakfast tacos. Very nice. Saddled up, said my thank-yous and good-byes, headed south. The road away from my hosts' house was nice and curvey for a change.... until I got to Hwy 281 which is a whole lot of nothingness for and flatness for 150 miles or so.

But, the mesquite trees divided the hwys and cacti lined the ditches.

Sunflower fields.
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