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Originally Posted by Janosh
I think I'll have to go with the Silicone for chains, it doesnt cake up with gritty dust, and doesn't hurt the O rings.
i tried many things on bicycle chains back in the day.

dipping chain in melted paraffin. worked well, but required periodic reapplication, which meant pulling the chain and melting the paraffin in a double boiler. laso left me with a squeaking chain around mile 150 of a 200 mile ride. stopped using it after that.

WD-40: not very good, needed very frequent application.

Tri-Flow: worked good, but left dark marks on anything the chain touched.

Silicone Spray: clean, but seemed to need FREQUENT reapplication.

LPS-3: waxy, worked well in everything except dusty environments. also provided great service when i got a street bike (moto) and i'd get over 20,000 miles out of an RK chain. don't think it's what i'd use for dual-sport abuse.
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