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Originally Posted by Janosh
Back in 66 I was in the Navy and they banned the use of WD40 due to the fact it draws moisture. Spraying unprotected steel with it leaves a coat of rust the next day in a humid environment. Of course, that was 42 years ago. God, I can't believe I have been around that long. I'm certainly not old. I like Diesel myself. Top it with some chain lube to keep it from rusting.
Well, leave it to the military....that's why WD-40 was invented. Water Displacement formula #40.

Like I say, I'm not real good about cleaning the chain, but I do check it almost every time I go out, and it gets lubed with Chain Wax after a 5-10 minute ride to warm it up; just like the directions say. In the olden days before O-rings, I would break the chain, clean with diesel, let it dry, then into the oven for a bit to warm it up for 30-45 minutes on a low setting. When it got good and warm, I'd drop it into a bucket of 80/90 or 80/120 gear lube. What can I say, it worked great on that old '49 Panhead!!! Life was so much simpler back then!!!
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