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Originally Posted by Gert
Looks great! I'm not familiar with suede seats on bikes - aren't they a mess when wet ? Or do you impregnate them with something like you can do with boots ?
Your right amigo they can get messy but our usual riding gear doesn't allow water to penetrate to our skin. I offer the suede as an option because I think it has good stable characteristics. Suede will darken like Shinola shoe polish but I like to call it characther However I do recommend Scotchgard protection and they usually wear nicely.

Someone on this list complained about the Corbin seat (IIRC) that the seams would rub your thighs sore on long rides. Have you found a solution for that ?
I sat on a Corbin seat when they first designed one for the 950 and I thought to myself "what are they thinking" but than again they're Harley seat builders so that's what we should expect. The Corbin seat has satified some customers but the seat is not designed with dual sporting in mind. The handles accomodate the tush nicely but it does little when you stand on the pegs in fact it kicks your knees out like your riding a horse imo.
My solution is to eliminate anything that can get you into trouble, 86 the love handles! Build a seat that is comfortable enough for days on end in the saddle and provide excellent material and asthetics that compliment D/S riding.

What would be the best color combo for a silver bike? black/black or would the black/grey work ? (I'd volunteer my bike as a test object, but I'm kinda far away...
Anyone of those colors will actually look nice and I'll have some photos up in a few days of customers seats.
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