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Since I turned back... I had to go through the border.... well, the line was long.... and after sitting there for 30 minutes or so, one of the illegal vendors selling stuffed horses told me that he rides a moto and that he cuts the line when he crosses... OK, cool... so I wait till the line clears and then start weaving in and out... then get stuck..... The guy comes back up to me and gets my attention then steps out infront of a car to make them stop and he let me go and then directed me kind of on a shoulder wide enough for me to get close to the front of the line. I went about 3 times as far in 3 minutes as it took me to go in 30 minutes!

So, I get to the guy that asks you questions. He asked me how long I had been in Mexico.... "about an hour". Him--"You're packed awefully heavy for an hour's ride in Mexico...." me-- "yeah I'm having bike trouble and I dont think I crossed correctly..." Him-- as he motioned for the drug dog to come over.... "Let me see your credentials. So what was the problem?" Me-- "well, when I crossed at Pharr they pretty muched waived me through... I knew I was supposed to do my papework, but I didnt know where to go... and I heard that there was a checkpoint later where you do your paperwork, but had a feeling that wasnt so."
He then went on to explain where I was supposed to go and basically made me feel stoooopid. I agreed with him and he said vaya con dios, hombre.

After I crossed back over, I headed towards the bike shop that the border agent gave me directions to... After forgetting the directions, I stopped and asked a McAllen cop. He gave me directions and then asked me what I was up to. I told him my story. He asked me if I was afraid to go into Mexico by myself..... well, I admitted that Hwy 2 from Pharr to Hwy 40 in Reynosa scared the mess out of me. He told me the gang signs there, which I remembered seeing a couple that he described. One of the gangs are called the "Zetas" a large, multi-colored ZZZs. He said these are the guys that stop you and take your stuff.... OK, well, I'll try to avoid them.

I found the Honda dealership... but its still Sunday. They open at 9:00 on Monday morning. Time to find a hotel room... its about to rain again. I get checked in and unload. I try to figure out whats wrong with the bike. Still didnt know.

So, there's my way of getting the rear wheel off the ground. Side stand, pull it over and lean against the pole..... it worked. I lubed my chain while I was at it.

loosening the pack and tightening things back up... oh and drying them out again.

This is why I got a hotel room....

So I beat the folks to the dealer there on Monday morning. I go inside to ask for a mechanic and they soon had me and the bike out of the rain checking things out. Of course, we couldnt get the symptoms to show up.... so they put the bike on a stand.

We'll they went through a bunch of ideas and finally figured out it was the wheel bearing.

So, this is what it looks like...

Thats what caused all the fuss.
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