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Headed home.........

After leaving the shop... I was headed back to the hwy when I spied a Shipleys donuts. I shook off outside to get the rain off of me, then went inside. I got the cricket noise as I walked in... EVERYONE in the shop stopped and looked at me. : I dont blame them. A wet guy on a motorcycle.

After eating, a guy sitting next to me started a conversation... this is an older fella, 73, a vietnam veteran, ex policeman, 2 of his 3 wives have been murdered and he always carry's 2 guns and lots of ammo. He said he's been across the country on an _________ bike. 225cc's worth of pure American 1950's moto muscle. He shared several stories about the war, about Mexicans, about how a woman ran him over while riding his motorcycle. Very odd man.... something was wrong with him.... and he wouldnt shut up until I stood up saying the rain had slacked off a little.

Heading east out of McAllen, I got Harlingen and headed north aiming for Corpus Christi. It rained until just south of CC. A new method for keeping the rain off my nose was using a paper dust mask under the helmet. Worked wonders.
Speaking of rain, since there was plenty going around..... it was raining so hard that a lot of cars got off the hwy.... this posed a major problem for them. The frontage roads were flooded. I saw probably 50 cars that day stranded in the water. At one point the hwy was flooded, forcing cars to go into the left lane, shallower than the right, and the cars were going really slow. I took the opportunity to take the deeper side and passed another 100 cars or so.

This sucked.
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