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As I headed north, I noticed the hwy being covered with rocks. Before too long, the rocks began jumping around. "Oh.... its frogs" I thought to myself.

My earplug came unglued from inside my ear and began making my ear hurt, so I stopped under an overpass to fix it. Here I realized the frogs were not frogs, but toads. I quickly recognized which brand they were... spade foot toads. These little guys come out during spring rains... before then, they stay buried underground.

I began dodging toads. Gave me some relief to the inches of rain that was falling.

On down the road... just shy of Corpus Christi, I kept getting something in my eye. So I had to stop. Yep. Thats an eyeball in there!

The culprit.
My wife was clever enough to see how pruney my fingers were. I had been riding half the day in the rain!
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