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Originally Posted by dakarboy
interesting topic. my neighbor whom is a pretty laid back guy (who does not or has ever rode) was absolutely incensed when I road by him on my way into the city. he let me have it with both barrels, "its unsafe, its illegal, i did not see you, you are going to kill your self, why should you when i cannot?" I tried to break it down for him.

#1 there is a difference in lane splitting through congested stopped traffic and doing at super +speeds when the traffic is moving well

#2 Its actually safer

#3 is it my fault you are not aware of your surroundings?

of course his eyes glazed over and nothing i said meant anything. but, the real issue is selling this to johny q public who is completely ignorant. of the subject.
all good points... but ya' kind of overshot that last comment...

Yes - let the rider decide; but do so responsibly.
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