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Originally Posted by Teckhardt
Status on 2 into 1 for ADV?
Just shoot me. For what was meant as a "oh, that would be cool, I ought to do that project", this has closely resembled actual work.

Our first vendor promised 4-6 weeks turnaround. I paid them for the SE order on Feb 20. We received a partial order the second week of June (those have obviously shipped and we've had great comments back about the product).

They had started work on the adventure part, Wings has the prototype above, but after that performance I obviously wasn't real interested in doing business with them. So, we spent May finding an alternate vendor, and I should have a new ADV prototype (out of stainless this time!) in my hands in the next couple of days. Assuming that it's good, they promise to turn it around quickly, and so far, unlike the original vendor, they have been true to their word.

Everyone that has preordered has been getting updates as we have information. For everyone else, I'll post here when we are sure as to the date, which we currently project as the last week in July.

Oh, and good news on the tank- the computer model is done!

So, we're marching steadily forward, just a lot slower than I wish...
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