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Originally Posted by stickfigure
I seriously need to try it in Peru... there are a few Peruvian restaurants in San Francisco and they are AWESOME. Lots of fish and ceviche. It's all super upscale so I really wonder what Peruvians normally eat on a daily basis. If the answer is "more ceviche" I'm ready to move now

How much longer, I don't know. I'll start my way back from Yaviza sometime in August. I'm planning to fill in a lot of the parts I missed on the way down (ie, the Carribean) but I burnt up most of my time in Mexico (it was worth it) so I might only spend a month getting back to Guanajuato. My current plan is to rent an apartment there and spend a couple months writing more code 'cause at some point I need to make a living. Of course there's a girl involved too When I get back to the US?

I miss San Francisco though.
Peruvian food is amazing for its variety. You have coastal, Andean & jungle cultures - each with their own speciality foods. Sadly, not many of these dishes travel well outside of peru - you really need the local ingredients.
(I have made excellent, excellent cebiche in Peru - and similar efforts outside have been merely adequate).

Cebiche & Cuzqueña .. for lunch ... cant beat it (its pretty much a staple lunch menu item ...)

Apartment. Wifi. Guapa. Mexican food. You could do a lot worse...
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