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Saturday Ride 07-12-08

I made it to the meeting place just before 7:20 am, to see Nowwhat and BouncingBilly waiting. Shortly afterwards, the Pasadena boys (Bruce, Oni, and Noel) showed up. Then came FMFPunk, notmybikemodelname (come on dude give up this name...way toooooo long) Trid, and finally Taquito.

New victims .........Trid and Taquito intro needed

BouncingBilly and his KLR

The long ride from Rancho Cucamonga did not bother FMF Punk. just as long he sees dirt...........

Now, we have 3 bad ass 950s spitting rocks on us....

From day 1, my long time riding fuckner, and good old buddy guard....Nowwhat

Shy looking and always smiling Bruce

The life of the other than Dunerat



notmybikemodelname (dooooood...give up this name, it's too long)

To get to the nearest trail....the ride was really crappy.. cuz it's all 35 miles of winding canyons and narrow twisty roads, and totally abandoned, didn't see a single car at all. Check out the little dots on the road.

Being dual sport riders, we suck on pavement

They may be fast but with small gas tanks, I catch up with them at the gas station..

This time me included in this rare pic

What the heck is Nowwhat and Oni doing?

The price of gas for today's ride

Hoooligans on plated dirt bikes

Last few miles of pavement and we're almost there

But Marty would rather ride on any dirt he could find

Finally at the trail head to Tule Ridge

Sito's rock, without Sito

Inside the canyon looking at the trail head where we started

They gave me a few minutes head start and soon spotted Nowwhat

and another gotta be Marty

Shit soon will hit the fan

The trail quickly got busy

By the time Billy came, the trail was full of dust

Taquito is so slow like me that the dust already settled down when he showed up

Break time...

Dunerat will need new rear tire soon before he gets his license plate

Today's ride for notmybikemodelname is a 3-beer run.

Didn't take long for Dunerat to find the 12 pack that Billy had on his trunk...

More pics and report in the morning.....
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