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I have been lane splitting since 1957 when I bought my 1st bike. It has come as no little shock to me the local attitude of the drivers here in WA where I just moved this year.

1. Seems like everybody takes a perverse pleasure in moving into the fast lane and driving EXACLTY the posted speed limit. (Not my custom).

2. There seems to be a real socialistic attitude. Does not matter if you have a VW Van or a Ferrari, they think we should all move peacefully as a herd.

Friday night I was comming home from work. I turned off the highway behind a tool truck and some sports car. I moved to the left lane, opened the throttle on my Aprilia, and shot by both of them before they could merge to the left. I was stopped for the red light, and the guy in the sports car pulled up right next to my right leg....yelling "You are really a jerk"

My reply was..."Don't ya just love it"

Lane splitting for any performance based bike is by far the safest way to ride.
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