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Originally Posted by dakarboy
interesting topic. my neighbor whom is a pretty laid back guy (who does not or has ever rode) was absolutely incensed when I road by him on my way into the city. he let me have it with both barrels, "its unsafe, its illegal, i did not see you, you are going to kill your self, why should you when i cannot?" I tried to break it down for him.

#1 there is a difference in lane splitting through congested stopped traffic and doing at super +speeds when the traffic is moving well

#2 Its actually safer

#3 is it my fault you are not aware of your surroundings?

of course his eyes glazed over and nothing i said meant anything. but, the real issue is selling this to johny q public who is completely ignorant of the subject.
He'd shit himself in parts of Europe. Drivers allow lane splitting on two lane roads, provided there is room. The drivers will open up for the overtaking vehicle. Legal? I don't know, but sure is courteous as heck! One friend in the military told me they do it for cars or bikes. A few others did the Alps tour on BMWs and said the same - the European drivers realize some drivers will go faster, at legal speeds or not legal speeds, and will allow those faster drivers the right-of-way needed to allow them past. That was especially true with bikes on the tighter roadways.

There was even a video out on the web, I think it was posted here, of a supermoto rider who was blasting around the roads (clearly some European country), wheelying past cars, left of center... never a horn honked at the idiot. He even split the two lane road - on the back wheel, with the oncoming vehicle giving room.

Imagine that happening in this country... drivers think they're entitled to screw everyone but them. There is so little courtesy it stinks.
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