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Originally Posted by markk53
He'd shit himself in parts of Europe. Drivers allow lane splitting on two lane roads, provided there is room. The drivers will open up for the overtaking vehicle. Legal? I don't know, but sure is courteous as heck! One friend in the military told me they do it for cars or bikes. A few others did the Alps tour on BMWs and said the same - the European drivers realize some drivers will go faster, at legal speeds or not legal speeds, and will allow those faster drivers the right-of-way needed to allow them past. That was especially true with bikes on the tighter roadways.

There was even a video out on the web, I think it was posted here, of a supermoto rider who was blasting around the roads (clearly some European country), wheelying past cars, left of center... never a horn honked at the idiot. He even split the two lane road - on the back wheel, with the oncoming vehicle giving room.

Imagine that happening in this country... drivers think they're entitled to screw everyone but them. There is so little courtesy it stinks.
Yeah, I get that sometimes here, where it's legal! I've had instances where people will get closer to my line just to make it too narrow for me to go on by. I ride an XR650R; narrow, but the bars are wide. It clears cars, but SUVs can slow me down.
I remember one lady in particular, just glaring at me in her rearview and doing all she could to make me sit behind her on a city street.
I finally got around her, and gave her the ADV salute. Normally, I don't let it bug me, but she was SO nasty!

In all fairness, I've had other people who saw me coming and moved over.

I think that with gas prices being what they are, more people will be riding bikes and scooters, whether they have experience or not. We have to let people know they should "drive friendly," like they do in Texas!

Letting a bike go by won't slow a cager down. Not letting it by can hurt somebody.
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