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It should be illegal...It's dangerous and stupid and shouldn't be approved of by the government officially.....That being said ...
I am all for the new philosophy of mine which clearly states that no thinking human should or will enforce some crappy law that is just plain ignorant .....I am a firm believer in the ...We don't screw around state philosophy ... The first state to addopt this as their motto and put it on their flag and into practice has me for a citizen..
As good citizens we need to defy ignorant laws and make the sacrafice nessesary to change them ....or at least the guts to stand up against them ...
Everyone knows Mac Donalds food sucks But how many of us will pick up a rock and throw it at the building in subtle protest......I see millions of stones and not a building in sight ..except for the guy next door making really good burgers ..and cowering a lil bit .
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