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Boat ride, Goose Bay, Chuchill falls....

Finally got some internet in Churchill Falls Midway Hotel. After transiting on the Ferry to Goose Bay. Got to Goose Bay at about 0800 hrs on Sunday and ALL was closed except one gas station. Was a rather nice day and decided not to linger there much longer and gassed up, headed for the second gravel section to Churchill Falls. Here are some pictures aboard the Ferry and gravel section(whew!!).

Some beautiful splendor while still in Cartwright.

My last Caribou Burger before boarding the good ship; MV Robert Bond

A total of 5 riders went by Ferry as well. Two from Ontario, and two from Quebec. All including me were heading west, but separate ways.

Lining up for ship boarding. Took us almost an hour getting aboard as all vehicles had to back-in the front of the ship. A tedious task.

Super nice guys fron Ontario riding their Kawa KLRs 650's.

The author

Leaving Cartwright

Mess Hall(Galley)

Tables with fiddle rails; real ship

Ships Chow..........

Cartwright, Lab disappearing slowly in the distance.

My FIRST iceberg and this one is MINE!

Sunset over Labrador

Night Fall.............

Self portrait using the ships head(wc; loo; toilet) mirror...

Approaching Goose Bay/ Happy Valley shores..

The gravel road begins...........I was too nervous to write earlier. Remember I am an inexperienced gravel rider and ride a heavily ladden BMW 1200 GS. Overloaded with stuff I realized I don't need.

This was the second section to the gravel road, probably the longest. I has been classified as gravel road grade class "A" by the Canadian government. It's more of a class "F" in my opinion. To me this it a horrendous road for motorcycles. They have covered the roads with fresh gravel rocks the size of golf balls and in other sections the size of softballs not counting portruding small boulders sticking out. Soft sand topped with gravel. I had about a couple close calls in spilling my bike. My tires were OK, but poor Brunhilde went through agony all day. I don't know what other riders have to say about the condition. It's my don't show it, you must come and see it for yourself. Absolutely horrible. Limped into Chruchill Falls exhausted, dehydrated and beat. I know that the rest will not be much better or even get worse on Quebec's route 389. Took me a day to recover and write this. Furthermore trucks seldom slow down for you and you get to eat dust all day. Let me remind you that I am inexperienced in riding deep, deep gravel. Speeds should have been higher in order to ride a bit above the gravel line but it's my mental thing: the faster you ride and the harder you'll fall. The posted speed limit on the road is about 70 kph...I rode no more than 50 kph.

Sorry pictures don't show the real thing....was at times too scared to stop and take pics of boulders..simply plowed through them. Sore arms, buzzing hands.....

the road crews tend to cover the rutted potholes with sand and gravel, woe to those who happen to think that the road is finally flat...kabowwww..your front wheel sinks in....beware.

BUT..there's still BEAUTY..

This is my favored section: notice the whitish strip..that's hard packed gravel on consistent material. It's the best rideable section but potholes are abound though. This is what I evisioned the gravel sections of TLH to be: packed hard "in". Not so it;s marbles...

Gas masks ready?......

Met 2 bicyclist traversing the entire TLH going at snails pace. How brave, determined.....Don't think BARRY HARLAN ever did this, eh?


3500 Megawatt production of maintenance mode. Normally it produces about 5500 megawatts...

More on this on another day. Plan to tour the facilities tonight.

Wishing you all a good day....


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