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@christopher miller: I just saved up some money. I don't have a lot of expenses "at home"; no mortgage, no car payments, pretty much just rent and food and the occasional toy. I rented out my apartment to friends so this experience is costing me less than what I would spend just to live in SF. This trip could be a lot cheaper too - even though I go for cheap hostels, I've been eating a lot of relatively expensive meals (almost always more than I spend for lodging). It really doesn't take as much as it seems... although the price of gas is crazy south of Mexico (close to $5/gal in a lot of places).

Theoretically I'm working on a couple software projects that will become my next source of income, but I haven't been working very fast. It's a lot harder to work on the road than I expected. When I get back to Guanajuato I intend to get an apartment and make my life a lot more boring.

@00SS: I'm sure you're right, and I plan to find out on the way back The Pacific side of Honduras is basically just a couple truckstops for traffic on the short stretch of the Interamericana. I have high expectations for the Caribbean side!

@ChurnDog: Thanks man. My friends and family read my blog, but sometimes it's hard to know if anyone here likes this stuff.

I still need to write up my 3 days in Nicaragua, but it will have to wait a bit... I'm in San Josť, Costa Rica. Guille just flew in and we have, ummm, some tourist things to do

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
How I Nearly Killed My Friends In Baja
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