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Originally Posted by Drizzt
How good is the sherpa for serious offroad riding? I'm not expecting speed, but can it cross difficult terrain? How about steep hills? If it can pull over 30 on rough dirt, that's all the speed that's needed. Only seven inches in the rear seems low, does it bottem out when it hits big rocks/ whoops? Just curious about the bike, thanks for replies
I did a Rich Lafferty enduro riding school on mine earlier in the spring. I certainly wasn't the fastest bike or rider there, but it handled the terrain.

I don't think I've ever bottomed out the rear suspension, and after I changed the fork oil on mine, the front stopped bottoming out. I'm sure if I caught enough air I could change that, but I'm not that good yet.

The bottom of the bike is a little bit lower than a real dirt bike would be, and I've gotten it hung up on obstructions before. Not a huge deal, and it's fairly easy to lift the bike up and move it. I'm planning on upgrading the skid plate on mine later in the summer, though I'll have to modify a KLR skidplate to do it.

If you're going to do any serious offroad riding, ditch the stock handlebars and put on something stronger, as well as a set of brush guards. Add to that a high fender in the front and some decent tires, and it should go anywhere you need to go. Maybe not the most quickly, but it'll get there.
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