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DR800 SR43A 1992. No only bike I have, but I love it. Bought that DR third hand for 900 Euros, stripped to bits, repainted frame and all bits except plastics (deliberately), bike was mechanically in VERY good shape. With about 60000 km on the clock. No engine work was ever done or needed by now except regular valves and balancr chain adjustments.
Well, did some stuff to it:
1. Cut open airfilter and put in jets 132.5
2. Threw out old 14 kg exhaust and replaced with single titanium stock can from Benelli Tornado tre. Link pipe is ugly (try to weld 1 mm wall pipes with stick) but it is hidden.
3. Threw out clocks and replaced with TrailtechVapor
4. Changed handlebar for WPR one and serious aluminium handguard rails
5. HID headlight
6. Bought usual crashbars and re-welded them to be really tough. Changed mounting system too.
7. Front brake replaced with Grimeca 4 pot caliper from Gilera Nordwest, brasked self made literally had to carve from solid aluminium by hand.
8. Replaced brake line with braided one.

After all it weights about 180-185 kg dry.

Now I think I am at 70 000 km. Bike never ever dissapointed me, took it for day training at pro motocross track and was surprised to find that even beginner offroad rider like me can ride it just like big MX and DR doing it just soo good that I never dropped it. Sorry - no really recent pictures...somewhere in Thumpers were my photos of bike after all jobs done. On highway it goes all way up to about 160 kmph (100 mph) with no problem (real speed, not speedo measured) and 2 up it hardly noticing load. Suspension is suprisingly good on both paved and offroad. A bit "lazy" engine low down because of balancer shafts, but give it a bit rpms and it's flying.

I am no big fan of Suzuki, but IMO big DR bike is WAY underestimated and underrated as ADV bike.
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