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No battery, no tools

Of course, the bike had no battery, we had no tools, but the seller pulled the plugs. We put it in gear and turned the rear wheel: engine turns over: check. Slop the rear wheel: some play, seems OK: check. Pulled the shift up and down to feel the tranny and spin the wheel in gear a few times: seems OK: check. Does the bike jack come with it? Yes?: check. Off the centerstand, front end seemed squishy, but what the hey........

So, check was made out, TITLE (!!) was handed over, we wrestled the ole girl into the pickup (both tires held air, and still have their air in them , but that's about all the good I can say about the tires.) Got home, wrestled it out of the truck, and parked it.

Oh s*%$, how am I going to tell my wife....that I bought THIS:
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