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Plusses and Minusses

So we got the bike home, I have to get back to work, and figure out a way to tell the fam damly that I will probably be rarely seen in the evening for some time in the future

I am thinking to myself that I have this wonderful /2 that is gorgeous, runs perfectly, I can take a nice ride anytime I want, and, I will just take this nice and slow....... The home addition is finished (or at least finished enough that we can live in it and it doesn't glare at me anymore). So let's take a look at the scorecard......

+ + + + + + + + (plus signs)

1. It's a BMW.
2. Most parts seem to be there.
3. Tires hold air.

Hmmm.... guess that's about it........

- - - - - - - - - - (minus signs)

1. Bike has had no visible maintenance.
2. Bike has sat for some time, haven't a clue how long
3. Haven't a clue whether it will run
4. Everything that can leak oil, leaks oil
5. Some things that shouldn't leak oil, leak oil
6. Everything that is rubber is rotten
......a. Tires
......b. Fork boots
......c. Cable ends
7. Everything that is paint is sunburned
......a. Tank top is down to green primer just from sun
......b. Front fender top and sides
......c. Rear fender sides
8. Everything that is (was) chrome is rusted and pitted
......a. Handlebars look like crap
......b. Tank fill cap has chrome blisters, worse than crap!
......c. Turn signal stalks, seat trim, fender trim, etc.
......d. Exhaust system is a nice rust color, every single piece
9. Seat pan is rusted
10. Instrument pod
.......a. Missing tach needle
.......b. Both glass covers falling-off loose
.......c. Who knows if it works!
Etc etc etc etc etc

You get the picture... lots of work, but first have to find out if there is anything there to work with.........

Plan of attack is to find a battery so that I can turn it over to see if compression is OK. Need something more than this:

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