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Originally Posted by datchew
Sounds like a good candidate for a sandblast-it rat bike cafe.
Yeah, does! But, I must say, as we got into it more and more, it started looking better and better, and the bar keeps moving...

Anyway, one more post before I punch out from my busy workday. So, I bought a battery after doing extensive research at WalMart: got the biggest AGM that would fit in the box. Yessir, no waiting for a battery for this guy with lots of time and going to take it easy.......

Took the battery home, hooked it up that evening, and

amazingly enough

some lights on the dash came on. I had a neutral light (switch=OK!), a gen light, and a very bright turn signal light that stayed on.... No oil pressure light. High and low beams work, in spite of the broken lens, and is amazingly bright. Horn works! Bump the starter

turns over !!

Get out the compression gauge, hook it up, hmmm. Good compression left side, even better (?) on the right. Look up values in book: right side must have some carbon buildup or something, higher than range should be.

Cool! No time to do anything else that day, but at least we have GO condition for the bike, right. Next step: see if it will start....

The next step made for a way-too-BIG surprise, and required a fire extinguisher used in a full adrenaline rush. (more than a little embarrassing)

PS I am trying to post a photo with each post, so here is a photo of the novel way in which the rear shocks were attached. Yes, that IS a nut driver, and the right side had a 1/4" socket extension, both valuable additions to the tool chest.......
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