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I have fire.

Been thinking about whether this should get admitted in public, but here goes....

I had an hour to kill, had a fresh battery, engine cranked and had spark when I took the compression test: it just might start, right? The bike is in the garage.

So, I pour some gas into the tank, having turned off both petcocks. All is well, until I look over to the right side and see the gas pissing out all over the place....since I have an asphalt floor in the garage, I quickly find a plastic bucket to catch the gas. No problem.

Optimism reigns.....Hmm, maybe it will start.....

So, I fire it up: bang, backfire, bank, tries to start. Encouraged and excited to hear the popping, I grab the can of ether (dumb, I know....). Well, backfiring and ether= trouble, big trouble

So, a little dribble of gas catches fire, drips down into the plastic bucket under the carb, and voila! I have fire.

Oh shit shit shit....reach in to grab the burning bucket with my hand (I know, dumb...) and yank it towards the door behind me. Of course, the burning bucket of fire stops exactly 1.5" from the door jamb: flames are jumping up, the adrenaline is kicking in big time, oh shit shit shit shit

So, I kick the bucket (literally) out the door. (I know, I know, dumb, dumber....) Do you know what happens to liquid in a bucket when you kick it?

So now I have little balls of fire splashed all over the place, not least of which is my sons 14' Hobie Skiff (tank of gas, etc etc)which we had just painted this spring. "Now, I know I have an extinguisher, and this would be a good time to find it"... the thought takes a millisecond, the extinguisher is in the hall closet, inside, so I run in and grab it and come out and unload it.........

Have you ever seen what comes out of one of those small dry chemical extinguishers... they do put out fires, I can attest......but they also make an ungodly mess.

Excitement over. Stress test passed. Lesson learned.... I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME -- NO HURRY, MON!! Do it right you dingbat. You are older, you should be wiser. I know, I know.

PS Forgot to take a picture of that step.

But I do have a charred print of the specs for my /6 which will be framed and placed somewhere quite visible. And a charred cover of my Haynes manual. And I keep finding dry chemical in the oddest places.
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