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Couple of thoughts. First, I think the biggest opposition to lane splitting in America, whatever people may say about safety, is a combination of jealousy (ie., "I can't do it so why should he!?!") and particularly ignorance. I remember when I lived overseas how I was first exposed to lane splitting. I was driving on a busy city road in Johannesburg. At a stoplight a motorcyclist lane-split by me and it pissed off the ugly-American in me ("How rude!!!"). It didn't take but a day or two to realize that it was customary, perfectly legal, and safe. But try to convince most Americans of that and they will insist otherwise because they just don't know any better.

Lots of comments about it being illegal in America, and a couple of comments about Texas. There is no law in Texas that specifically forbids lane-splitting. Rather, the law simply does not address it. If you lane-split in Texas and get a citation it will not be for lane-splitting. It'll be for some catch-all offense like "unsafe driving." It depends on the officer. If the officer is a motorcyclist then you probably won't get pulled over, or if you do, you'll only get a warning to be safe. I've heard of people going to court over lane-splitting, and if you get a judge who is a motorcyclist you stand a decent chance of being found not guilty. It again goes to American ignorance. While you do risk a citation for lane-splitting in Texas (and most places in the USA), its not because its specifically outlawed. Its because the American culture, including law enforcement, doesn't know any better.

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Yes all the way. I hate sitting in traffic after work.

While were at it, legalize (decriminalize, at least) that other thing that gets bantered about quite often.
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