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Next up: install rebuilt carbs, install rebuilt petcocks.... This time, s-l-o-w-l-y add gas to the tank while looking at both petcocks.....

All OK. Time to hit the starter...

You've all done it: cough, spit, sputter, bang, tweak; cough, spit, sputter, tweak; etc.

Got er running! Not as nice as Randy's 75/5, but hey, these are the cheapo Bings, not the high priced spread.

Exhaust, in spite of all external appearances, sounds like Randy's 75/5: not a hole, hiss anywhere. But now, if rust made a noise, these would have been unreal.................

Decided to brave the neighborhood streets.. shift into gear, ease the clutch (it works!), and off we go. Try brakes: front brake a joke unless I really squeeze, rear brack locks up the back end. OK, I can deal with that. Speedo seems to work, tach has no needle. I had installed a new oil pressure switch, solved that problem: light on with ignition, goes out upon startup.

Pulled the valve cover gaskets and started her up.... OMG, lots of pumping oil! (I am used to not-so-much on my /2) so that, too, is good.

Looks like we are good to go on the "let's take off a few parts and just spruce it up a little bit" project.....
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