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Isn't that dangerous?
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Lane Splitting Legalize it!!

i lived in Cali for a number of years and I always enjoyed the ability to "share" lanes. It isn't that is legal, it just isn't technically illegal. I moved to Hawaii for a year where traffic was HORRENDOUS and just filtered all the time on my way to and from work until HPD's finest pulled me over one day to let me know that "this isn't the mainland" and he "didn't want to see me doing that again." Not to mention all of the people who got supremely pissed and would honk horns and sometimes even open their doors. If it is legal, there neds to be a public awareness campaign to educate drivers about the fact that it is okay and highlights the reasons it makes sense.

I did it the other day driving into NY through Connecticut and got a lot of honking angry drivers riled up. I wasn't flying either, just making my way through almost completely stopped traffic. The last thing i want is someone to rear-end me as they are drinking their double mocha cappucino, talking on their cell phone and scolding the kids in the back seat as they read their morning paper.
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