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Originally Posted by AKStrom
Not sure about Cali-style high-speed splitting here. I really do think they ought to de-criminalize filtering though.

As it is right now if a local cop sees you filtering up through stopped traffic, you're likely to get a Rodney King.
It is interesting that, from what I understand, in Japan filtering is totally legal and expected. I have been told there were two lines at traffic lights, one where cars are to stop and one closer to the intersection for bikes to filter up. They know the bikes will accelerate quicker -even scooters do - and it is a time saver by closing up traffic, eliminating all those gaps created by having bikes sit in the traffic line. I am sure the safety factor comes in there somewhere too.

Of course this would require intellegence, understanding, and courtesy to be applied in the U.S. None of which exists when people get behind the wheel; or legislators and law enforcement agencies take into account creating and enforcing laws. We're S.O.L. in that respect...
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