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I thought of taking more pics but hard to do it on Lynx and clinging on to my dear life.

Some of the highlights

Tim trying to reinstall his left pannier after he ripped the mount on a gentle drop


and again..........

I admired Tim, cuz if that's another rider....he would have turned around and call it quits.

Tim did the entire Lynx and the last part in the dark. I'm sure this experience will provide him the ability to handle a big pig in a similar situation next time....

Tim still smiling while Spafxer looking sorry seeing the GS.....

The regular FF crew

The last daylight break, soon darkness will fall while still on Lynx

I was going down on this curve with slick surface and simply tap my front thing, it's my turn, as time I will do Lynx........LEAVE THE SAHARAs AT HOME! suck and make a lousy photographer.

I notice that Tim converted his side pannier to a top rack.......

Spafxer first time on Lynx is uneventful...or he developed the art of picking the bike up quickly!

The Rothman bike did a digger....

Darkness finall fell.....lepermasiah on his BRP, and unusual to see him wearing a body armor....did he see a vision before the ride

Dunerat did a noble thing...rode as a sweepy for the first time

One FF didn't wait at the junction and all the riders behind him took the wrong turn......

who ever you are.... know the trailtiquette

Poor Kenny, of course the rest of us too were upset

this is what a night ride looks like

The 3 week old SE died on the trail.............. It took us about 30 minutes to get it running and still we didn't know what went wrong........
could it be operator error

Thanks Spafxer, Lear60man, and BouncingBilly for waiting and worrying about us...while the rest of the FFs rode on to Newcombs thinking that they will get dinner.
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