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Originally Posted by Opie
I'm starting to think I should just ignore the flippin' signs. Let 'em catch me and charge me with trespassing.
Or shoot at you and bury you in the woods. If they were ballsy enough to make / buy the sign and to post it, I wouldn't feel too safe passing it.

I feel your pain. We have forest service roads here in California that are denoted on the 'official' USFS maps. When you get there, they are behind locked gates on private land (not pipe-gates, ranch-style chain-link with no-tresspassing signs).

I was 15 miles into the mountains one day and counting on one of those as an exit. I ended up on the inside of one of those gates. Luckily, there was a cut in the fence, next to the gate, and I was able to get out.
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